• Parties

    The perfect addtion to a family Christmas dinner or the office Christmas party.

  • Puzzles

    Inside the Christmas crackers you'll find clues to decipher the combination (alongside the obligatory hats and jokes, of course).

  • Prizes

    Chocolate treats await you as a prize for successfully opening the box!

  • Angie

    We all had a wonderful time solving these puzzles. Some were visual, some were wordy, and all of them had us busily offering suggestions.  What I especially liked was that all ages could make a contribution, and did! Totally brilliant idea! I hope there's a new one out for next Christmas.

  • Milly

    It was great fun playing the Christmas puzzle box with the family. It had just the right balance between being a challenge, but not so difficult we couldn’t tackle it. It got the family talking together and working together to solve the various puzzles and it's very satisfying when you manage to open the lock. A great addition to our family Christmas fun!

  • Ellie May

    My family absolutely loved these crackers! They were so much fun! Everyone joined in and had a real laugh working it all out. The prizes were great too and loved the little extra gift in the final puzzle. If you like escape rooms and puzzles these crackers are perfect for you, can't recommend enough! 

  • Emma

    We wanted something really festive and challenging (but not too challenging!) and Crafty Maze really delivered this for us this Christmas. The puzzle box arrived on time, it had the whole family getting involved to solve the clues and it felt like the board game equivalent of an escape room, except this time Santa is in there with you. It was fun to do something different this Christmas!