Christmas Boxes FAQ

Are there prizes?

Yes! Unlike our wedding boxes, our Christmas boxes are ready to play out of the box and include prizes for when you successfully open the lock.

Can I add my own prizes instead?

Yes, you can.  The combination to open the box can be found on the hint and solutions page linked from the front of your game booklet.  So you can open the box in advance and add or substitute any prizes.

Is it suitable for all the family?

The game is designed to be enjoyed by a group containing both puzzle enthusiasts and puzzle beginners.  Children would struggle to do the game alone but can definitely join in with adults.

What do we do if we get stuck?

Hints and solutions are available online.  You should find a link to the hints on the front of your game booklet.

We have vegan/dairy free family members, do you have chocolate options for them?

Yes, we have a vegan and dairy free chocolates available.  By default we include one or two vegan/dairy free chocolate options in each box but if you would like more please get in touch and we can make up a special box.