About Us

Hello, I'm Bryony, the owner of the Crafty Maze shop. Thank you for coming to visit my store! I've been writing puzzles for treasure hunts and online escape games for nearly a decade. 

The idea for wedding favour puzzle boxes was born in early 2021 shortly before my husband and I got married. We're huge fans of escape rooms and wanted to have a a similar puzzle-solving, lock-opening experience for our guests at the wedding. The idea of shutting our guests away in a room for an hour didn't seem very sociable, so I devised an activity which could be played while sitting round a table.

This was a new challenge as the puzzles had to be suitable for fairly big teams of 8 or 9 people whilst appealing to both puzzle beginners and enthusiasts simultaneously. But we found a winning formula and the boxes were a big hit. So much so that we thought there might be other couples out there who would like something similar at their wedding. After a bit of work the Crafty Maze shop opened its doors. Our first boxes are based on the original game that was played at our wedding and are named in honour of our flower girls.

In 2022 we had an idea for a similar puzzle box to be played at Christmas dinner with puzzle pieces hidden inside the crackers. A few months later our first Christmas cracker puzzle box launched!