Wedding Boxes FAQ

Do you provide the wedding favours?

No.  The box, lock and all puzzle pieces are included but we leave it to you to decide what prizes to put inside.

​Will my favours fit in the box?

Here are the box dimensions so you can make sure your favours will fit:

External box dimensions:
Length: 23.5cm; Width: 17cm; Height: 10cm

Internal box dimensions:
Length: 22cm; Width: 16cm; Height: 9.5cm

Are the boxes difficult to set up?

Our wedding favour puzzle boxes do require a small amount of set up in advance.  The set up is very easy and instructions are included.  We find this is often a good job to delegate to an eager best man or bridesmaid.

How many people per box?

The games were designed for teams of around 6-10 players, however, this is not a hard and fast rule and are playable with less. 

What do we do if we're having long tables?

If you're having banquet-style long tables we recommend you break the table up into multiple teams.

Should we have a box on the top table?

We usualy recommend that you don't have a box on the top table as the happy couple will know the answers to any personalised questions the puzzle pose and the person responsible for setting up the games (and hence aware of the secret locations of any hidden pieces!) is often someone from the top table too.  However, if you would like the other top table guests to have fun with a box then you can definitely still have one and just make sure anyone who knows the answers keeps quiet!

How long does it take to play?

This is a difficult question to answer as it very much depends on the team and how much eating and drinking is going on!  We've seen dedicated teams forgo their dinner to finish in an impressive 15 mins, but also seen relaxed teams spread the puzzles over the course of their meal and take an hour.  The average time is around 30 mins.  If you want a longer experience for your guests consider our add-on puzzle which can be added to any box and will increase the play time by about 15 mins.

Is it suitable for kids?

Our boxes are designed for adults and younger children would struggle to do them alone.  However, there are definitely parts of each puzzle that children can get involved with and we've seen children as young as 5 enjoy playing along with adults.  We would not recommend having one of our boxes on a kids-only table.

Which box should I choose?

If you're not sure which box to go for why not start with our Wedding Sample Pack which contains a walkthrough of each box together with some example puzzle components.

I'd like to use the boxes during the reception rather than the meal, is that ok?

The boxes are designed to be played in teams around tables and the game depends on having places to hide puzzle clues. Each box works slightly differently so we probably have something suitable for what you want but please get in touch to check which box is best for your requirements.

Can I use these boxes at a non-wedding event?

Our Daisy and Poppy boxes are adaptable to other situations although they were designed with weddings in mind.  We don't recommend our add-on puzzle for non-wedding events as it is wedding themed. If you'd like to use our boxes at a non-wedding event please get in touch to check that it would be suitable.