Song joke solutions

Deck the halls with boughs of holly
(Deck the Halls)

What kind of motorbike does Father Christmas ride?

A Holly Davidson

The first Noel, the angels did say
(The First Noel)

Why is there a letter missing from the Christmas alphabet?

It had no-el

May your days be merry and bright
(White Christmas)

Why did the advent calendar retire?

Its days were numbered

And the bells are ringing out for Christmas Day
(Fairytale of New York)

What is Tarzan’s favourite Christmas song?

Jungle Bells

Faithful friends who were dear to us
(Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas)

Why did nobody bid on Dasher and Dancer at the auction?

They were too dear

I don't care about the presents underneath the Christmas tree
(All I Want for Christmas is You)

How did Darth Vader know what Luke got for Christmas?

He felt his presents

Jack Frost nipping at your nose
(The Christmas Song)

What do you get if you cross a snowman with a vampire?

Frost bite

But the very next day, you gave it away
(Last Christmas)

How did Mary know that the baby Jesus was 6lb 2oz?

She had a-weigh in the manger